COVID-19 and Domestic Abuse

You are not alone. Help and support is available to you now.

It is a Scottish Government priority to ensure that anyone who is a victim of domestic abuse gets access to the support services they need during these unprecedented times.

If you, or someone you know, a neighbour, or friend, are experiencing domestic abuse, do not delay in seeking help due to the current Coronavirus outbreak. Support is available or you can call the police if you or another person are in any danger or at risk of harm – the police and support services are there for you.

Tackling domestic abuse remains a priority for Police Scotland and they continue to monitor the impact moves taken to prevent the spread of the virus could have on families.

These are difficult times but the safety of women and child victims, who may experience domestic abuse, is paramount.

Help and support

You are not alone and help is available for you whenever you need it.


Police Scotland

Call the police if you are in immediate danger.

If you can’t speak, listen, and respond to instructions, make yourself heard by making a noise or tapping.

Or, if you’re using a mobile phone,  once prompted by the automated system by pressing 55 (the automated Silent Solution system).

0800 027 1234

Scotland’s Domestic Abuse Helpline

Call the Domestic Abuse Helpline.

Other sources of help

Additional sources of help are available.

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Ways you can stay safe

Stay safe

Learn how to stay safe during these difficult times.

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What is Domestic Abuse?

Download our Easy Read information guide.


Help available during Coronavirus

Download our Easy Read information guide.


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