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University Support

Many universities have policies and procedures in place to protect their students and ensure they know what to do if they have been spiked or witnessed someone being spiked. Each institute has outlined the actions they take to keep students safe below.

University of Stirling: Spiking | Student life

Our university takes such incidents very seriously and will investigate any complaints of spiking made under our Code of Student Discipline or our Staff Disciplinary Procedure.

Don’t be a bystander, be a friend module. We strongly encourage all students to take this module during their first year at University.

University of St Andrews: Drink Spiking – Report + Support

Students seeking support for disclosures of sexual violence are encouraged to speak to Student Services in the first instance. A referral to FRASAC will be offered, alongside any practical advice and support (e.g. academic, alternative accommodation, financial) and determining any immediate safety needs. Students who do not wish to involve the University may self-refer directly to FRASAC (01592 642336).

University of Edinburgh: Spiking – Report + Support

We want to stress to any student who may be affected by this issue that the University will always provide support and look to take actions against any students committing acts of abuse and exploitation against fellow students and/or within the wider community. We have invested significantly in specially trained support staff, including a Sexual Violence & Harassment Liaison Manager and an Equally Safe Team of specialist GBV staff, who can provide support and advice.

We work closely in this area with Police Scotland and with a wide range of groups – including the Consent Collective and Edinburgh University Students’ Association – to prevent and support those affected by forms of abuse and are part of the ‘Fearless Edinburgh’ partnership, which brings together Edinburgh Universities and Colleges, Police Scotland specialist support services and the NHS to address sexual abuse and other forms of gender based violence. We are also working with frontline support groups such as Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre and Edinburgh Women’s Aid.

Please contact us at reportandsupport.ed.ac.uk to discuss in more detail or access our GBV website on edin.ac/GBV-support.

Edinburgh Napier University: Report & Support

Report and Support allows anyone who has experienced sexual violence, harassment, misconduct or any form of hate crime to report or disclose incidents to the University. If you’ve been subjected to any form of misconduct, you can tell us either anonymously or by reporting to an adviser through Report and Support.

University of Strathclyde

As part of Strathclyde’s Safe360 project, we are committed to a safe campus for all and believe everyone who is a part of the University community: staff, students and visitors have a responsibility to ensure this is the case. Report & Support is a facility where anyone can disclose behaviours or issues they believe put the safety of the Strathclyde community at risk.

You can use the Report & Support form to report behaviours or incidents such as spiking, harassment, stalking or discrimination or to raise concerns about safety, and issues that undermine our inclusive University. If you have doubts as to whether this is the right way to disclose an issue, then please still submit a report and we can get in touch with you to talk through your options.

Glasgow Caledonian University: Spiking – Report + Support

We encourage students to remain vigilant when out partying. When having nights out or socials, aim to inform trusted friends or relatives where you are going and when you’ll be back, and always think twice before accepting drinks (or other substances) from strangers wherever possible.

If you or someone else have been sexually assaulted – use GCU’s Report and Support tool to report the incident and refer to the Gender Based Violence Support section for further information and support resources.

Report to the Police: Please report your concerns to Police Scotland at your local police station. You can also call the police non-urgently to report something of concern or even discuss a situation on 101, online or via 999 if it is an emergency.

Robert Gordon University: Personal Safety

If you are concerned and/or suspect that you or someone else has been a victim of a crime (i.e. drink spiked, harassed, assaulted etc) we would encourage you to speak with a trusted friend or relative and/or report the incident to a medical professional or the Police where appropriate.

If you are unsure how or where to make a report, or you feel uncomfortable making a report, you are always welcome to contact RGU:Union Advice & Support for support.

If an assault has just taken place and you are not in a safe place, feel at risk, or have injuries requiring urgent attention, call the emergency services on 999. If you need a safe space or support from RGU, on or off campus, call the Emergency Response Team on +44 (0) 7854 199020 – this number is available 24 hours a day.